Conditions for adoption

Real adoption

We appreciate your interest in clicking here and finding out the conditions of adoption. We believe that your intention to adopt an animal springs from the depths of your heart, where the priority is selfless help. After filling out the contact form and before starting the adoption process, we will contact you by phone and tell you more about the animal you are interested in. After approving the adoption, we will send you an Adoption Form by email, which you will fill out and send it to us immediately, either electronically or by post. The adoption fee is 50 eur, which you pay to our transparent account. After crediting the adoption fee and receiving the adoption form you have filled out, we will call you again and agree on a date. You take the adopted animal from us at your own expense. Please note that only a person who is at least 18 years old and has a valid ID card can adopt. All our animals are under veterinary supervision and are registered in the Central Farm Register, which means that only those who have a registered farm can adopt them. With real adoption, you will help not only the adopted animal but also others that we can accept in his place. We wish you all the best and remember that real help is a good deed.

Virtual adoption

Virtual adoption is for everyone who wants to help. It is not easy to find a home for a farm animal and it would probably not be good on the balcony. Therefore, if you love animals and want to help, do not hesitate to use this method of help. You can help your favorite, or simply the one you like the most, or even the least. There are no other conditions for this type of adoption, except that you must be at least 18 years old. Fill out the contact form, choose the favorite animal and make the transfer.  It is also important that when making a financial contribution, you write in the description  VA +  name of the animal who you want to support. Each of them will have its own "account" from which veterinary services, food or other care will be paid. You can virtually adopt one or more animals and on the contrary, one animal can be adopted by more than one person. After crediting any amount to our transparent account with the description VA + name of the animal, you officially become a Virtual Patron. As a thank you we will send you a photo or video of a virtually adopted animal.  We do not force you to contribute a certain minimum amount per month in the form of a standing order. It's up to you how much and for how long you want to contribute. Just please understand us, if you contribute 1 euro, for example, you can not expect us to send you photos for a whole month. It goes without saying that we will send them, but let's be fair to everyone, adequate to the amount or duration of the contribution. Do not expect certificates for virtual adoption from us, we are environmentally friendly and we think that not important is the paper, but deed.